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We are delighted to announce that Agni have joined in supporting our world record attempt by providing the world beating Agni 143 motor unit for the car as well as providing the Kokam Lithium Polymer batteries and battery management systems.


The Agni Motor gives up to 93% efficiency, and it maintains high efficiency over a wide range of loads and speeds. It runs on D.C. up to 60 volts at which it can produce 9 Kilowatts (12 horsepower).


The low shaft speed and high torque enable the use of a simple, cheap and efficient transmission in most applications.


The Agni motor enables you to get the best possible performance from your battery-powered or solar-powered vehicles, boats or machinery.


We are most grateful to both Cedric Lynch and Arvind Rabadia for their ongoing support and technical advice as we progress toward the 24hr attempt.


-Neil R




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